Unlock access to inheritance money

After the death of a loved one, heirs face a series of legal procedures such as accessing money from an inheritance.

When a person dies, the bank immediately blocks their accounts, preventing access to inherited funds. To unblock these accounts, the heirs must follow a specific procedure and present a series of essential documents to the banking entity.

???? The necessary documents are:

–Death certificate: Verifies the death.
–Certificate of last wills: Indicates if there is a will.
Will: If existing, it specifies the distribution of the inheritance.
–Declaration of heirs: In the absence of a will, determines who the legal heirs are.
–Tax settlement: Demonstrates that inheritance taxes have been paid.
–Acceptance of inheritance: Document where the heirs accept the inheritance.
–DNI of the heirs: Official identification.

The banking entity will review these documents within a period of 15 days to one month. Once the documentation has been validated, the accounts and other financial assets of the deceased are liquidated and canceled. Finally, the bank will distribute the money to the heirs accordingly.