Debt Collection in Spain

debt collection in spain



The UK and Spain’s legal systems differ greatly however, the method of successful debt collection from a Spanish company is not all that dissimilar to that of one from a firm in the UK. Poveda Vicedo can assist with debt collection for parties within Spain and on behalf of U.K clients who have debtors in Spain and vice versa. From our experience, there are some vital areas where UK creditors fall short in collecting debts in Spain:
  • Debt Collection Agencies are a fairly new concept in Spain.

  • The general populace has an ingrained disrespect for the legal process, which is seen as slow, expensive and ineffectual.

  • Trying to understand the process in English can be difficult enough but in Spanish even a translation is not enough.

  • You need an English speaking lawyer to understand your requirements who can then deal with your creditors fluently in Spanish. Spanish speakers with experience in Spanish law can mean that a successful collection for a UK-based firm is possible.