Over the years we have developed our family law services to ensure that you, as our client, are kept in the driver’s seat at all times.

We know that the breakdown of your relationship means that you are dealing with a wide range of emotional and practical issues. We will bring our experience to bear to ensure that you are given clear advice on your options in a kind and considered fashion.

Tailor made Solutions

It is clear that different situations will require different solutions. We recognise that family Law disputes involve issues of a particularly sensitive and personal nature.  We are also aware that each client’s personal situation is individual to them. We firstly take your instructions, review all the relevant documents and will bring you through the possibilities of settlement or alternative dispute resolution.

Fee Estimations

Based on this initial assessment we will provide you with a fee estimation for the work required.  You are then free to accept or reject the fee estimation without any further obligation.

Settlement Negotiations for Best Solution Possible for you

Our approach is always to try to bring about an agreed solution between the couple where ever possible. This means that costs are kept to a reasonable level and communications are kept open with the former partner or spouse. Such agreements will focus on finding the best solution possible for your children, shared property and other long term concerns.

Over 50 Years in the Court Room when Needed

If an agreement is not possible you, as our client, will have immediate access to our considerable 50 years of experience in the court room. We have an excellent reputation for our court services and we will ensure that you benefit from our experience and provide you with the best possible outcome in your circumstances.

International Solutions for our International Clients

Our clients are international and so we routinely deal with multi-jurisdictional issues for example where the couple in question reside in Spain but were married or have assets in another country. Our experience allows us to resolve conflicts of law and jurisdictional issues in order to represent our client in the appropriate forum with precision and certainty.