The excitement of buying your property in Spain can easily overshadow the necessity of making a comprehensive Spanish will.

It is strongly recommended that anyone with assets in Spain has a Spanish will in place to avoid a series of complications.

Quick & Effective

We can assist you to execute a will in a quick and effective matter so that you can get back to enjoying life. Not having a will on the other hand only leads to your dependents and relatives enduring great stress during their time of personal loss and grievance.

The objective of your will should be to be clear and definitive so that when the time comes your estate can be dealt with in an efficient manner.  Having a properly drafted will in place avoids the risk of disputes and division occurring between loved ones left behind.

Cost of putting a Spanish Will in Place

We charge €150 plus IVA per will. This fee includes the cost of the notary. This offer is subject to our availability and is limited to specific notaries. Please contact us for further details.

Here to Answer Your Questions:

We are on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding Spanish Succession and Estate Planning. We also offer you comprehensive tax advice.

Probate & Dealing with the death of a loved one in Spain

Poveda Vicedo has extensive experience with administrating Spanish estates, acting as executors in probate matters as well as dealing with foreign jurisdictions where assets are located outside Spain.

We always seek to provide you with a comprehensive and transparent fee structure. To achieve this we firstly take full instructions and then provide you with a fee projection which you are free to accept or reject without further obligation.