Opening the door to your new Spanish property is also opening the door to a world of new and wonderful life experiences.    Owning a property in Spain, or anywhere abroad, is the same as owning a property at home; you will invariably encounter the occasional challenge during the course of your ownership.  Therefore, it is important to have the right resources at hand to ensure that you can meet such challenges head on and effectively…just as you would in your home environment.

Fifty Years Assisting Overseas Property Owners

Poveda Vicedo has over 50 years experience assisting Spanish property owners with a wide variety of problems that occur from time to time. Not withstanding our considerable experience, there always seems to be a new angle to the issues people face. Common problems arise which are due to a large extent when the owner of the property lives abroad; tries to tackle the problem “feet first” without fully understanding the language, the paperwork, the procedures and customs involved.

Act Early with the Right Advice

The fact of the matter is that it is always wise to seek help early on in order to avoid the matter escalating and causing an upset that could have been entirely avoided had the matter been dealt with in the correct way from the onset – Here are some examples of issues that we are frequently asked to help out with:

Official Notification in Spanish or Valenciano arrives in the Mail

The above point about acting in time is even more important when you consider that many official documents issued by Spanish authorities normally have a strict time limit within which they must be responded to. Failure to meet such a deadline may leave you defenceless to the measures that are put forward in such documents. If you have received an offical notification from your local Spanish town hall, tax office or other such public office and you need help contact us immediately. For more information dealing with Town halls click here.


Simple advice, but getting to know your neighbours is possibly the best thing that you can do to ensure that you settle in and that someone will keep an eye on your property while you are away. If you have Spanish neighbours why not make the effort and bring a little something from your home country. This always goes down a treat.

However, getting on with the neighbours is not always possible. As we are a general practice law firm we can assist you with a wide range of disputes that can occur with your neighbours from time to time such as boundary disputes, nuisance problems, issues with pets, fallen trees, defective septic tanks etc. Click here for contact us if you need some help in this regard.

Water and Electricity Supply Problems

Have your electricity bills suddenly become unusually high? Has your water been cut off? The list of problems that people can experience with water and electricity supplies is endless. We are contacted routinely by people who, having battled with such problems over a period of time, find themselves in the same or worse position than they were in when the problem first arose.  Our company has been dealing with the Spanish utility companies on our clients behalf for many years and we know the “tricks of the trade” to resolve matters effectively. Click here for contact us if you need some help in this regard.

What Exactly have I Bought?

It is not uncommon for clients to seek our assistance when they realise that those who sold them or assisted them in the purchase of their property did so dishonestly or ineffectively.   In such a situation we can provide assistance and review each and every document involved in the transaction enabling us to provide the client with a clear overview of the documentation and any outstanding or current issues. Our objective is to fully inform the client so that they can take the necessary action to resolve the issue, whether by additional notarial work, preparation of official paperwork at the town hall or if the facts require by recourse to the courts. Whatever the situation is we are on hand to give you our thoughts in a clear and objective manner. Click here for contact us if you need some help in this regard.

Structural Issues & Construction Problems

A principal focus of our court work is in relation to structural defects and construction problems. We are on hand to assist you, irrespective of you being an individual property owner or a member of a group of property owners that need assistance with taking the promoter, constructor or estate agency to court. For more information see our section on structural defects. Click here for contact us if you need some help in this regard.

Community of Owners & Multi-storey Building Management Issues

It is a common sight – all the neighbours gathered in the entrance of a multi-storey residential building or in the club house or entrance of the urbanisation. When all is well, it is a chance to meet up with your neighbours and decide on simple things together such as what colour to paint the common areas or to decide on which pool maintenance company to employ, or whether it is time to upgrade the front gate?

When things become discordant with the other owners however, things soon can become confusing. Who exactly can make decisions? Who is the administrator? Why is that person the president? What are the statutes? These are all questions that take on a new dimension when you are facing a problem that is under the control and management of the community of owners. If you need assistance with such a problem you can contact us by clicking here. Click here to contact us .

Eviction of Tenants or Squatters

Before you rent your property take the basic step and get advice on the contract that you must have in place between you and your prospective tenant. Getting them out in the event that your lease is flawed can be a very costly and drawn out.   In any event we have the knowledge and experience to assist you with landlord and tenant disputes whether you are the owner or the tenant. Click here to contact us.

Mortgage & Banking Issues

Times being as they are we are no strangers to the difficulties that people face when they find themselves behind with their mortgage – we can assist you by taking you through all the issues, options and solutions open to you. Click here to contact us.

Additional Services

The above is merely an example of the type of issues that people routinely consult us on. Please feel free to contact us with any issue you may have and we will endeavour to deal with the matter efficiently and effectively.