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About Poveda Vicedo Abogados


Founded in 1957 by Angel Poveda senior, Poveda Abogados & Solicitors has become a modern, forward thinking law firm based in Valencia city centre and also in the renowned coastal town of Javea, Alicante. In addition, we provide our services to our international, English speaking clientèle throughout Spain, U.K & Ireland. We are your English & Spanish Speaking Lawyers in Valencia & Javea, Alicante, Spain

We think of Poveda Vicedo as a true “full-service” legal team. From civil to criminal law, from personal help to business protection, our team is ready – and has the skills – to act on your behalf immediately
Ángel Poveda

Client Focused Spanish Legal Services in English

At Poveda Vicedo, our aim is to give you clear, courteous and thoughtful advice specific to your case so as to allow you to make a fully informed decision as to the best way forward for your particular circumstances.

Abogados & Solicitors in Spain

As our name suggests, we are a partnership of Abogados & Solicitors – Our clients are afforded the invaluable facility of being able to speak and correspond directly with native English speaking lawyers that are qualified and licensed to practice in Spain as well as their home jurisdiction. By the same token, our clients can also deal directly with fluent English speaking Spanish lawyers with many years experience in dealing with overseas clients

Use of Modern Communications to Bridge the Distance

We are a general practice firm with a genuine global reach. A key feature of our business is that we can provide our legal Services at a distance.

In order for us to do this effectively, we constantly develop our use of Information Communication Technology in order to bridge the distances typically experienced by our overseas clients.

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and video conferencing are two such technologies that allow us to maintain close contact with our clients be they in Dublin, London, Abu Dhabi, New York or here in Spain , Once you have a high speed internet connection, a microphone, speakers and a webcam we can video conference with you. Please email us in advance to arrange an appointment

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