Non resident services

non resident services



We offer two service packages for Non Resident Property Owners, please find out about them below.

Unopened Post problems!

Leaving your post unopened for extended periods of time is an inherently risky practice. We, at Poveda Vicedo, therefore provide you, as our client, with the optional service of directing your official post to us so that we can keep you abreast of property owners’ community meetings, resolutions or advise you of official letters from the authorities and service companies.

Keeping the power on and the water connected at your Spanish home can be ensured as we can inform you as utility bills arrive. Bills, official letters and notices, and court documents for example can be sent to you by email or fax to ensure that you remain in full control of your affairs in Spain, giving you peace of mind when you are at home.

Standard Non Resident Services Package:

This service pack includes the following features:

1) Preparation and filing of your Non-residence Tax Declaration by 31 December every year.
2) Official Postal Service

A concern shared by many non residents is that due to the fact that their property is often vacant for extended periods of time that they will not receive important post on time and therefore instead of enjoying holidays whilst in Spain they have to confront issues that could have easily been avoided had they simply received the notification early enough. Such hassle may include having to deal with embargoes placed on their property for not attending to official notifications from the town hall or tax office.

With this service your important post is directed to our main office in Valencia where it is checked. You will not have to translate Spanish or Valenciano as we will provide you with an explanation of the contents of the correspondence and we will act on your instructions.

Having this service in place will ensure that needless issues are avoided in a hassle free manner.

3) Two Free Consultations annually with a Partner of the Firm

The inclusion of the above will allow you to meet with us to discuss the issues you may have with your property at your leisure so that these issues can dealt with in a timely manner rather than waiting to contact us when issues accumulate and become problematic.

Standard Non Residents Service Package Fee:

Our fee for the Standard Non Resident Service is €90 plus IVA per quarter – If you would like this service please email us to and we will advise you of the necessary documents required to set this package up for you.

Basic Non Residents Service

If you just need us to prepare and file your non residence tax our fee will be €150 plus IVA per declaration.