Second occupation license (Licencia Segunda ocupación)

It is a process that the buyer of the property must take care of.

The second-occupation license is the official document that certifies that the second-hand home that we have just acquired meets all the necessary requirements to be habitable. It is the equivalent of the certificate of occupancy that is processed when it comes to the purchase or construction of a new property. The second occupation is requested before changes in the property or morphology of the property.

It is an exam or quality test that any apartment or house has to pass so that people can live inside it. The parameters that are measured have to do with the safety, hygiene and health of the house.

In the second occupation license there is a record of:

the location of the property in question
its useful area (more than 20 square meters for apartments after 1984)
the number of rooms and other rooms and spaces of which it consists (equipment of kitchen and bathroom)
your maximum occupancy threshold or the identification
qualification of the professional who has certified its habitability.
These sections also include items such as that the house is registered as such (not as a garage, storage room, shed, etc.), that it has hot/cold water installation, electricity and lighting, and ventilation and residual liquid evacuation systems.

To start this process, the owner must contact an accredited surveyor or architect, who prepares a report on the state of the property and stamps his signature on it so that it is valid, knowing in advance the requirements that the local administration will demand where it must be presented. . Once finished, you have to take it to the corresponding town hall office and wait for the municipality to issue the document.